Unepic KP Bar

Kill Point Bar - Empty (Black) - Charging (Purple) - Charged (Blue)

Weapon skills require kill points (KP) to use, and can give you buffs to your weapon or give you access to a special move.

The Kill Points (KP) bar appears between the Health and the Experience bar when you buy, and learn at least one Weapon Skill.

You gain Kill Points by killing enemies which fill the KP Bar. It is divided into 5 parts & 1 part represents 1 KP.

You can stock up to 5 KP then you won't gain any KP until you use them.

They can be bought:

  • at the different shops in the Castle from Ubuntu, the blacksmith and Weapons dealer for coins (in Solo mode)
    Unepic Weapon Skills

    A Spell Menu with only weapon skills

  • at the Hero's home from Gromenower, the new weapon master of the town for Coins or Amethyst Dolphin (in Multiplayer mode).

There are skills for the 6 different types of weapon of the game:

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