Ubuntu is the weapon seller of the game. You first encouter him in the Mine.

Item list Edit

Mine Edit

  • Miscallaneous items
    • Skill: Dagger mastery (200po)
    • Skill: Sword mastery (200po)
    • Skill: Mace mastery (200po)
    • Skill: Axe mastery (200po)
    • Skill: Polearm mastery (200po)
    • Skill: Bow mastery (200po)
  • Weapons
    • broad dagger (45po)
    • gladius (56po)
    • hand axe (66po)
    • hammer (40po)
    • spear (57po)
  • Bows and projectiles
    • 50 x short arrow (15po)
    • short bow (26po)
  • Armor and clothing
    • quilted armor (15po)
    • light leather armor (25po)

"Me not human. Me great warrior of the Watabi tribe."

His name is a reference to the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a swahili word meaning "Human".

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