The Lost Ring is a quest given by the nameless spirit you met in the Room of Traps. It is located in the room [-1,-1].

Location and ScreenshotsEdit


The objective is very simple: You have to find his silver ring hidden somewhere in this room.
The Lost Ring Room with Light

The Lost Ring: Find Me :p


The room is wrapped in the darkness and the silver ring is hidden behind a fake wall.
The Lost Ring Room Lighten Noted

The Lost Ring: not so lost with a map :D

There are fake walls which are empty and one which contains the ring you are looking for.

It is located in the left wall of the left room on the top floor in this big room. (Better look at the map.)


After retrieving the lost silver ring bring it back to the nameless spirit.
The Lost Ring Reward

The Lost Ring Reward: The Ring of Spirits

This ring is your reward but not in this state. He will enchant it and give back to you: The Ring of Spirits. You will also gain some exp points.


Beginning the QuestEdit

Nameless Spirit : "I salute you again, young adventurer. I hope you find answers you seek. "

Daniel : "Hey, still here? I thought you had passed on to the next world. "

Nameless Spirit : "Before leaving I wanted to thank you for what you did for me, however I lack one thing. After my death, a minion of Harnakon took a ring that has belong to my family for generations. "

"Although this room is empty. I feel the presence of this ring. I know it is here, it must hidden somehow. If you find it I will help you one more time. "

Daniel : "Well, I'll see what I can do, but I can't promise anything. "


If you use an augury scroll while this quest is active, the narrator will tell you:

"The ring is hidden behind a magic wall. There are more magic walls spread all around the castle. "

Finishing the QuestEdit

Nameless Spirit : "My ring! It's been so long since I've... "

Daniel : "Well, how do I give it back to you? You're like some sort of hologram. Can you hold it? "

Nameless Spirit : "It is not necessary to give it back, the ring itself is the aid I wanted to give you. I will charm it to give you some of the vitality I had in life. "

Daniel: "Wow , thanks! I'll gladly wear it! By the way, have you remembered your name yet?

Nameless Spirit : "I still do not remember my name, but I will seek it as I need a name in the next world. "

Daniel : "Well, good luck. See you later! "

"I'm starting to like this spirit. "

Zera : "Bah... he is just the reminiscences of a weak pilferer that dared to enter this fortress... "

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