Swords, together with maces, are the most basic weapons sporting no special traits other that their good attack speed and damage. Swords deal full damage against squishy or humanoid enemies but deal significantly reduced damage against skeletons, helmets, armors and other heavily armored enemies. They are also worthless at destroying barrels and crates.

Swords mainly serve to handle those few foes that are resistant to maces. However polearms and daggers can serve this purpose as well and both also have a special utility of their own that often make them superior choice.

List of Swords

Name Damage Level Required Shops Price
Short Sword 45 0
Gladius 80 3 Mine Shop 56g
Broad Sword 120 5 Sewer Shop 76g
Scimitar 160 7 Garden Shop 96g
Assault Sword 200 9 Library Shop 116g
Sword of the Necromancer 220
Extra damage with arcane: +45%
Critical chance with arcane: +5%
10 Laboratory Shop 426g
Falchion 240 11 Catacombs Shop 136g
Bastard Sword 280 13 Laboratory Shop 156g
Great Broad Sword 320 15 Halls Shop 180g
Katana 360 17 Tower Shop 196g
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