Sux MortisEdit

The sixth guardian of the game. Sux Mortis is the guardian of the catacombs but he is outside of the castle, like Drakonius.
Unepic Sux Mortis

Sux Mortis preparing a scythe throw.

The portal will send you to the the "Underworld" (which is just a common boss room similar to the path leading to the catacombs). You can't get out of this room without a TP.

He drops the key of the Laboratory (this also gives you the achievement "THE KEY OF THE LABORATORY") and 800 gold.


Attack Damage
Throws his scythes 150 damage when the scythe touch you (multiple instance of damage with one spinning scythe)

Crawls forward, along the ground, and stabbing his scythes in and out of the ground as he goes

150 for each scythe hit.

Spawns axe skeleton mobs

He summons ten skeletons which deals 90 damage.

Invokes arcane balls by striking the ground with his scythes

64 for each arcane ball touching you.


Grab the Pet of Light as quickly as you can, then send him back to the underworld, forever.

His attacks are easy to dodge:

- When he is throwing his scythes, just run from the boss to the opposite direction to avoid them. He throws them up to three times.

- When he is crawling forward, just go through, train and get the timing (HARD Mode) or you can use phase door scrolls to get behind him (EASY mode and don't forget the cast time ).

- When he is shooting arcane balls, just jump. Moreover, it's the moment to hit him hard as he is not moving and near from the ground.

The hardest part is when he summons 10 skeletons, he gives you 5 seconds to kill them otherwise he will come back and you'll have to kill them and avoid the boss at the same time.

- The Pet of light will make the fight easier. Don't misunderstand, he won't attack the boss but the spawned skeletons instead.

If you have a problem avoiding his scythes, invest some points in armor and buy one. The plate armor lv11 at the catacombs shop will greatly reduce the physical damage.


- If you have Arcane Magic, you can buy the Control Skeleton spell at the catacombs shop which will help you killing them and let the boss kill yours when he will throw his scythes.

- If you are a Light Magic User (Paladin Build with Light and Maces), you can invest at least 3 points in Light Magic, you can buy the Imbue Light which adds a lot of damage to your attacks against the undead. Imbue Light can only be cast on Maces.

- If you have unlock Necromancy, you can take a skeleton and use it as a shield during his arcane balls phase. Like this, you can spam Light ball or arrows on him.

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