Spirit of light

This pet is vital to clearing the catacombs. Once obtained, the undead will no longer pose a threat.
It launches bolts of light against undead creatures. Each bolt causes 250 damage and stuns the enemy for a long time. However it will not attack any creature other than the undead.
It can only be harmed by arcane attacks.


Down to the bottom of the central shaft of the catacombs and to the right is the ritual section where shadows are created. At the end of the third room is a door leading to the inner part of the area. Behind the door is a room with two ladders, one leading down to the river of blood and one leading up to where the pet is located. Once in the pet room, a necromancer will walk slowly through a long passage towards the pit to destroy it. Defeating the necromancer or reaching the pet before him will grant the player the spirit of light pet. Once the pet is obtained, the player can either clear the room to reveal the ladder leading out of it or simply teleport away.

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