Rings have variating effects which help aid in damage, health, attack speed, protection against specific attacks or negative alliements.You can equip upto 8 rings, one ring for each finger which (when equipped in mass) can allow for massive bonuses.

Like other equippable items, they can be found with an increased effects rating. Like for example, a Precise ring of the Cleric can be found to have 107% effectiveness rating.

There is no way to repair rings above 100% through normal means.

Types of RingsEdit

There are many types of rings in terms of their effects. Some have the affects of multiple rings in one. There is a grid on the types of rings down below with the rarest types of rings at the bottom:

Icon Name Rarity


Dropped by Additional info 
Dagger 5
Ring of the Assassin Common +5 to Dagger Damage First/Second Dungeon
Warrior 5
Ring of the Warrior Common +5 to Sword Damage First/Second Dungeon
Blacksmith 5
Ring of the Blacksmith Common +5 Mace Damage
Butcher 5
Ring of the Butcher Common +5 Axe Damage
Ring of the Archer  Common +5 Bow Damage
Ring of Ice Uncommon +5% Ice Damage
Ring of Fire Uncommon +5% Fire Damage
Ring of the Mage Uncommon +5% Arcane Damage
Ring of the Cleric Uncommon +5% Light Damage
Ring of the Mutilator Common Extra damage with daggers, swords and axes: +10 Labolatory shop 170g 1 in stock
Ring of the Ranger Common Extra damage with swords and bows: +10 Labolatory Shop 150g
Ring of the Paladin Common Extra damage with Swords, Maces and polearms: +10 Labolatory Shop 160g 1 in stock
Ring of the Barbarian Common Extra damage with maces and axes: +10 Labolatory Shop 140g
Ring of Elements Common Extra damage with fire and frost: +5% Labolatory Shop 150g 1 in stock
Ring of Life Common Max health: +5 Labolatory Shop 140g

Ring of Strengh of Kol'Zarek

Quest Extra damage with dagger, sword, axe, hammer and polearm : +64 Old goblin - Eternal Youth Choose this item or the pet.


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