These spells are for the singleplayer game, the multiplayer spell list can be found here.


  • Learning Protection Magic requires the quest "The Shield of Koth'Narak" in the Halls.
  • Protection Spells all use Crystalline Essences
  • All Protection Spells last 60 seconds

Table of Protection SpellsEdit

Name Spell Level Essences Effect Found at Additional Info
Melee Protection 1 2 Absorbs one third of melee damage.
Cold Protection 3 3 Absorbs one third of frost damage. Tower Shop
Shadow Protection 4 4 Absorbs one third of arcane damage. Tower Shop
Fire Protection 5 4 Absorbs one third of fire damage. Tower Shop
Poison Immunity 7 10 Prevents poison effects from being applied. Tower Shop
Movement Freedom 9 10 Prevent movement restrictions like slow, paralyze, and teleportation. Tower Shop
Mental Barrier 11 10 Prevents mental attacks such as stun, sleep, and control. Tower Shop
Polymorph Immunity 12 Prevents your items from being polymorphed. Tower Shop
Return Projectile 14 20 Reflects projectiles. Tower Shop
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