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The potions are usable items which can be craft by buying the recipes at the different shops of the game.

  • In Solo mode, the recipes are usually sold by Fedora (the magic shop) except the minor healing, minor regeneration and the slow poison which are sold at the main kitchen by the Goblin Cook.
  • In Multiplayer, the recipes and the kitchen are not available anymore but you may find potions in some dungeon which will disappear at the end of the session. You can keep and use the potion you have already craft before the craft disappeared since the patch 1.45.

Every potion require a vial (small, medium, large), the ingredients dropped from monsters and the recipe which must be learned.

Once drunk any potion returns its container back to you inventory and allows you to craft new potions by using these empty vials.

You can only craft potions in a kitchen containing a boiling cauldron, the main kitchen is also the "Kitchen Shop" where the Goblin Cook, Zorok sells you the first three recipes & essences. The other kitchens are hidden in the Castle.

EXCEPTION: The Cauldron in which Coldax is boiling is not considered as a boiling cauldron for making potions.

The potions can replace the spells in the game and can be useful during the whole game until you get the Healing, Alteration and Mental magic but crafting them may be annoying (espacially against Neuron) and costly.

The Improved Detection potion is a must have as it help to see the hidden walls which contains the challenge seals and hidden chests containing money, essences and very powerful weapons.

There are 17 recipes which can be bought, 2 Major Potions which can only be found in the Castle and can't be craft which make a total of 19 different potions even if you only need 18 different potions to complete the Potion Collection challenge.

Potions ListEdit

Duration: How long the potion effect lasts. 0 means it effect is instant and / or has no effect over time.

Recipe Level: How many points you need at least in Potions in the Character sheet. 0 means you can't learn it.

List of Potions
Name Effect Type Duration Recipe Location Recipe Level Recipe
Minor Healing Restores 75 hp. Healing 0 Kitchen Shop 1

Small empty vial x1

Bat Wing x1

Red Essence x3

Slow Poison Cause poisons to take effect slower. Healing 60 Kitchen Shop 2

Small empty vial x1

Red Slime x1

Blue Essence x2

Minor Regeneration Restores 4 hp every second. Healing 30 Kitchen Shop 2

Small empty vial x1

Satyr Intestine x1

Red Essence x1

Ogre Strength Increases melee damage Offensive 30 Mine Shop 3

Small empty vial x1

Blue Slime x4

Red Essence x2

Trap Detection Allows you to see hidden traps Utility 60 Mine Shop 3

Small empty vial x1

Eye of Satyr x2

Blue Essence x3

Poison reduction Halve the duration of any poison affecting you. Healing 60 Mine Shop 4

Medium Empty Vial x1

Tongue of Snake x1

Blue Essence x3

See Invisible Allows you to see invisible creatures Utility 120 Sewer Shop 4

Big Empty Vial x1

Eye of Frog x2

Yellow Essence x4

Speed Increases movement speed. Utility 30 Sewer Shop 5

Small Empty Vial x1

Piece of Tentacle x2

Yellow Essence x4

Infravision Causes enemies to glow. Utility 60 Sewer Shop 5

Medium Empty Vial x1

Eye of Snake x1

Green Essence x3

Antidote Removes poison effects Healing 0 Gardens Shop 6

Big Empty Vial x1

Poisoned Sting x1

Green Essence x8

Giant Strength Increases melee damage. Offensive 30 Gardens Shop 6

Medium Empty Vial x1

Blue Slime x8

Red Essence x2

Healing Restores 150 hp. Healing 0 Gardens Shop 7

Medium Empty Vial x1

Bat Wing x3

Red Essence x6

Potion of Regeneration Restores 10 hp per second. Healing 30 Library Shop 7

Medium Empty Vial x1

Satyr Intestine x3

Red Essence x6

Ghost Shape Makes you immune to physical damage but unable to open doors, chests or picking items. Utility 30 Library Shop 8

Medium Empty Vial x1

Ghost Material x1

Yellow Essence x4

Invisibilty Makes you invisible, almost transparent. Utility 30 Library Shop 8

Medium Empty Vial x1

Green Slime x3

Yellow Essence x8

Improved Detection Allows you to see traps and fake walls. Utility 60 Catacombs Shop 9

Medium Empty Vial x1

Eye of Crow x2

Golden Essence x8

Resurrection Elixir Brings a dead pet back to life. Healing 0 Catacombs Shop 9

Big Empty Vial x1

Life Spark x1

Green Essence x8

Major Healing Restores 250 hp. Healing 0 (none) 0 (none)
Major Regeneration Restores 20 hp per second. Healing 30 (none) 0 (none)


Healing SpellsEdit

  • Healing (Healing, Level 1) <=> Potion of Minor Healing (Potions, Level 1)
  • Regeneration (Healing, Level 3) <=> Potion of Minor Regeneration (Potions, Level 2)
  • Slow Poison (Healing, Level 4) <=> Potion of Slow Poison (Potions, Level 2)
  • Poison Reduction <=> Potion of Poison Reduction (Potions, Level 4)
  • Antidote (Healing, Level 8) <=> Antidote (Potions, Level 6)
  • Improved Healing (Healing, Level 10) <=> Potion of Major Healing (Not Craftable)
  • Potion of Regeneration (Potions Level 7) < Improved Regeneration (Level 12) < Potion of Major Regeneration (Not Craftable)

Alteration SpellsEdit

  • Giant Strength (Alteration, Level 1) <=> Potion of Giant Strength (Potions, Level 7)
  • Invisibility (Alteration, Level 12) <=> Potion of Invisibility (Potions, Level 8)
  • Speed (Alteration, Level 14) <=> Potion of Speed (Potions, Level 4)

Mental SpellsEdit

  • Infravision (Mental, Level 3) <=> Potion of Infravision (Potions, Level 5)
  • See invisible (Mental, Level 9) <=> Potion of See invisible (Potions, Level 5)


The Resurection Elixir is equivalent to the Spark of Life which can be bought at Zoran's Shop for 100 coins.

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