Potion of Minor HealingEdit

Category: Small Potion
Potion of minor healing

Type: Healing

Description: Heals small wounds.

Effect: Restores 75 HP

Recipe: No requirement (Potion Level 1).  It can be bought from Zorok, the Goblin Cook of the Main Kitchen for 15 coins which is located in the room [2,-1] in the Central Zone.

Potion of Minor Healing Recipe
Component Quantity
Small Empty Vial 1
Batwing 1
Red Essence 3

Additional InformationEdit

This is the first potion found in the game.  You can find 2 of them in the tutorial.

  • The small empty vial is obtained by using a Small Potion. There is also 5 small empty vials in the Main Kitchen.
  • Batwing is obtained by killing Bats and Vampire Bats.
  • Red Essence can be bought from Zorok in the Main Kitchen. They can also be dropped by red and fire type ennemies.
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