Polearms deal less base damage than a sword or a mace of the same level but have significantly increased reach, allowing to outrange most melee fighters. Their attack type deals full damage to majority of enemies, and slightly reduced damage to some armor-based enemies (such as armors and helmets).

Their range makes them excellent for taking out foes from safe distance. When fighting against lone opponent one can easily stun-lock the opponent without having to worry about any special technique or timing, enemies that cannot be stun-locked can be easily kited. Their main disadvantage is their lower damage that makes them unhandy for fight against multiple opponents.

List of Polearms

Name Damage Level Required Shops Price
Light Spear 28 1
Spear 50 3 Mine Shop 57g
Heavy Spear 80 5 Sewer Shop 78g
Pike 120 7 Garden Shop 106g
Claw Spear 160 9 Library Shop 134g
Trident 200 11 Catacombs Shop 162g
Halberd 240 13 Labolatory Shop 190g
Double Pike 280 15 Halls Shop 218g
Great Trident 320 17 Tower Shop 246g
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