Pets, Coldax

Unepic pets, Coldax

There is a variety of pets scattered around the castle which help you in combat in various ways, the most common being direct damage to enemies.

Pets can take damage from all sources, there are exceptions to this (eg. Coldax does not take damage from frost). A pets health is displayed next to your own and also has a energy meter, the pet uses energy to attack this refills over time. If a pet is hurt you can recall them and redeploy to refill his health to full, this however resets their energy bar.

If a pet
Spark of Life

A spark of life

dies it can not be summoned again until you have a spark of life, this can be purchased from Zoran for 100g and used by clicking on the dead pet and choosing the resurrect option.

You can also craft a resurrection elixir at level 9 in Potions, which recipe is buyable in the Catacombs shop. It has the same effect as a spark of life.

  • In the Wii U version, the Frog Balloon pet doesn't need a life spark if it died.
  • On the Steam Version, the S-116 WASP doesn't need a life spark if it was destroyed.

Icon Pet Effect Location Note
Globus frog
Globus frog Attacks small enemies Mine, Quest Love eating insects.
Green dragon whelp
Green dragon whelp Attacks enemies with fire Library, Quest Does not attack fire type enemies.
Spirit of light
Spirit of light Attacks enemies with light Catacombs Only attacks undead type enemies.
Flying plant
Flying plant Deals damage and heals you Gardens, Quest

Start half health when summoned.

Only heals you when it is full health.

does not attack skeletons

Coldax Attacks enemies with ice Sewers, Quest Does not attack ice type enemies
Skull Drains enemies health Catacombs Does not attack undead type enemies.
Gatchan Paralyzes enemies Halls Can paralyzes any types of monster of the game except mini-bosses, bosses and traps.
Space Cookie and Cigar

Attacks enemies with a fire beam or an energy ball

Central Zone, Gualix Shop

Does not attack fire type enemies.

Has two types of attacks:

  • A short ranged fire beam
  • A long ranged energy ball
Mini Space Ball Attack enemies with a fire beam Central Zone, Gualix Shop

Only attacks strong enemies.

Does not attack fire type enemies.

S-116 WASP Attack enemies burst of arcanic gunfire Central Zone, Gualix Shop



Shoots 5 arcane bolts per second

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