These spells are for the singleplayer game, the multiplayer spell list can be found here.


  • All Light Spells require Divine Favor which is gained by killing undead creatures.
  • Light Spells only affect undead and invisible creatures.
  • Each skill point in Light Magic increases damage by 5% and critical hit chance by 1%

Table of Light SpellsEdit

Name Spell Level Divine Favor Effects Found at Additional Info
Bolt of Light 1 2 Inflicts 500 damage Shoots a bolt of light that harms and stuns undead.
Imbue Divine Light 3 16 Causes weapon to do extra damage against undead Catacomb Shop Only works on maces.
Salvation 5 1 Marks all undead in the room causing them to drop extra Divine Favor when killed. Tower Shop Divine favor drop from marked undead is increased from 1 to 4.
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