Unepic Leviathos (Better Screen)

Leviathos (Recent Screen)

Miniboss. Leviathos is found a few rooms into the Library. Upon being slain, he doesn't drop anything but allows continuation further into the Library via the apearance of a ladder.


Attack Damage
Arcane Missile (requires small charge) 48
Leash Pull - Throws you into the air toward him and over the spikes Instant death from the spikes if you do not save yourself by grabbing the rope mid-air


Use the ladder by pressing down and escaping both of his attacks. When pulled into the air grab onto the rope mid-air to save yourself from death on the spikes. Leviathos is easiest killed with magic or a bow. Ice magic works well here as it slows down both of his attacks charge times easily allowing you to avoid them and get more attacks in.

Unepic ChallengersEdit

The Mini Space Ball does target him and will one shot Leviathos which means he has 2000 HP or less.

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