These spells are for the singleplayer game, the multiplayer spell list can be found here.


  • Learning Healing Magic requires the quest "The Search for the Mandragora" in the Gardens.
  • All Healing Spells require Green Essence.
  • Each skill point in Healing Magic increases the amount healed by 5% and the critical hit chance by 1%.

Table of Healing SpellsEdit

Icon Name Spell Level Essences Healing Found at Additional Info
Spell healing healing
Healing 1 3 75
Spell healing regeneration
Regeneration 3 2 4 health/second Library Shop Causes player to regenerate health for 30 seconds.
Spell healing slow poison
Slow Poison 4 3 Catacomb Shop Reduces speed poison takes effect for 2 minutes.
Healing Allies 5 6 200 Laboratory Shop Heals allies does not work on undead.
Spell healing poison reduction
Poison Reduction 6 5 Laboratory Shop Cuts duration of any applied poison effect in half.
Antidote 8 10 Hall Shop Removes all poison effects from player.
Spell healing improved healing
Improved Healing 10 6 150 Tower Shop
Spell healing improved regeneration
Improved Regeneration 12 10 Tower Shop Causes player to regenerate health for 30 seconds
Spell healing mass healing
Mass Heal 14 10 150 Tower Shop Heals you and all allies on screen.
Advanced Regeneration 16 20 MP: Big Tree Climb
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