Gualix Shop is a shop where you can spend your UN points to buy special items which can't be bought with coins.
Unepic Gualix Shop 2

Second Gualix Shop in the Elven Village

The second one is located in the Elven Village, after beating Corvax, at the end of the game.

Those items are often powerful for their level and give a good boost for any new character.

List of Items sold by Guilax
Item Name Price (UN points) Damage Category Ingame Description Additional Informations
Black Amulet 10 0 Miscellaneous Items This object belongs to one of your quest. This item belongs to the Key of the Necromancer Quest.

Useful for it you missed one while battling through the Mausoleum for the quest, if you dropped one and can't get a Mysterious Scroll to get it back from a thief, or if you want to skip the Mausoleum entirely and have 110 UN credits to spare.

Orb of Rebirth 100 0 Miscellaneous Items Removes all spend skill points so you can reassign them. Useful when you want to respec. Only a single Orb of Rebirth can be obtained in the main game, as a reward for the Begin of the begun quest, so the cost this item is pretty reasonable.

Laser gun

40 150 Weapons Wands, level 0

20 Charges

150 Fire Damage

Fires very quickly and is a powerful starting weapon, but is also used up quickly too, and there's no way to recharge exhausted wands.

Disrupter 40 200 Weapons Wands, level 0

20 Charges

200 Arcane Damage

Space Warrior Sword 60 350 Weapons

Swords, level 14

Damage: 350

Inflicts triple damage on critical hit.

Arm and claws 250 280 Weapons

Swords, level 6

Damage: 280

Inflicts triple damage on critical hit.

Hand of doom 300 200 Weapons

Maces, level 6

Damage: 200

Extra damage with fire: +25%

This weapon's magic allows it to attack several targets at once.

A very useful weapon. One of only two weapons on the game that allow hitting multiple enemies at once - the other is the polearm Slicering.

This weapon is particularly helpful on Hard++ difficulty. Since you lack invincibility after being hit, it's easy to be stun-locked by a group of enemies. This weapon allows you to deal with every attacking enemy at once, reducing the chance that one of them will hit you and begin a stun-lock.

Hatto Hanzori's Katana 150 360 Weapons

Swords, level 12

Damage: 360

Attack speed with swords: +50%

Follow the Way of the Sword.

Deals the damage of a level 17 sword (such as the Katana), but at only level 12. The incredibly fast attack speed means it's easier to get the first hit in against an enemy, and makes it effective at taking out mobs quickly.

It's also relatively cheap for the DPS, and incredibly fun to play with.

White Plastic armor 40 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 0

Prot. against melee: +50

Prot. against projectiles: +50

Prot. against shadows: +20

Red Pajama 50 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 4

Extra damage with bows: +35

Prot. against fire: +20

Prot against frost: +20

Space Elf Uniform 50 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 4

Extra damage with arcane: +50%

Prot. against fire: +40

Prot against frost: +40

Armor of the Space Warrior 70 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 6

Prot. against melee: +100

Red English Suit of Power 80 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 8

Attack speed with bows: +10%

Extra experience: +10%

Turn crazy all babies, yeah! Maybe you can get a discount if you buy things from any girl.

This item is not really useful.

You can get a discount from Fedora and her friend.

The extra experience can be good at later levels, when the experience required to gain a single level becomes almost unobtainable. Best used in combination with other XP boosting items, like the sword Excalibur.

Yellow Motorbiker Suit 200 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 10

Prot. against melee: +150

Prot. against projectiles: +150

Extra damage with swords: +80

Feeling like Bruce Lee has no price (actually it is the Bride's suit from Kill Bill).

Looks great with Hatto Hanzori's Katana, which benefits greatly from the huge damage boost to swords.

Jungle magic Tanga 50 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 1

Extra damage with daggers: +40

Extra damage with swords: +40

Extra damage with maces: +40

Extra damage with axes: +40

Extra damage with polearms: +40

Increase your damage while wearing it.

Good starting item if you're looking for some melee damage.
Mummy's magic bands 120 0 Armor and Clothing

Armor, level 1

Regeneration: 15

Prot. against melee: +15

Prot.agains projectiles: +15

The spirit of an ancient Pharaoh regenerates your body.

To my opinion, this is the best armor you can buy here.

It cost only 120 UN and you can keep it until the end of the game for an armor level 1.

Helpful against damage over time thanks to its 15 HP regeneration (every 2 seconds)

Best wear with Neuron

Space Cookie and Cigar 300 50 Pets Boldly goes where no cookie as gone before.

Shoots an energy ball at long range dealing 100 fire damage

Fires a energy beam at short range dealing 50 fire damage

Mini Spaceball 350 2000 Pets

Attack with a powerfull laser that deals 2000 fire damage but needs a lot of energy.

Does not attack weak enemies.

The best pet you can get.

It only attacks strong enemies, but it deals 2000 fire damage and can shoot 3 times at full charge.

Very useful against the bosses as it will help to down them quickly.

S-116 WASP 150 50 Pets Space vessel from Syder Arcade. Shoots a fast burst of gunfire.

This pet is only unlocked for the owners of Syder Arcade on Steam. Shoots 5 arcane bolts per second dealing 50 arcane damage each.

Salvation Ring 20 0 Rings Alerts you when the game is saved Useless in Hard and Hard++ Difficulty, as the game must be manually saved.

It's not particularly useful in other difficulties either, since knowing when a save has occurred doesn't offer any benefit to gameplay.

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