These spells are for the singleplayer game, the multiplayer spell list can be found here.


  • Learning Fire Magic requires the quest "The Forge of Fire" in the Mines.
  • All Fire Spells need Red Essences.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Fire Spells leave a burning effect on their target, causing additional fire damage over time (DoT).
  • Each Skill point spent in Fire Magic increases the damage done by 5% and the critical skill chance by 1%

Table of Fire SpellsEdit

Name Spell Level Essences Effect Found at Additional Info
Firebolt 1 1 Inflicts 80 damage Quest "The Forge of Fire"

Fire Breath

3 6 Inflicts 40 damage Sewer Shop Creates a cone of fire in front of player (Hits multiple time)
Heat Aura 4 5 Inflicts ? damage Garden Shop Surrounds player in a shield of fire that damages enemies
Fire Ball 5 8 Inflicts 240 damage Sewer Shop Launches a missile that produces AoE similar to two back to back fire breaths.
Improved Firebolt 6 3 Inflicts 150 damage Garden Shop
Summon Fire Spirit 10 20 Summons a Fire Spirit Halls Shop
Advanced Firebolt 14 6 Inflicts 300 damage Tower Shop

MP: Big Tree Climb

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