The first boss and first guardian in the game. Dynidon is the guardian of the mine. Upon being slain, he drops 200 Gold and the "Key to the Sewer"(this also gives you the achievement "THE KEY TO THE SEWERS").


Attack Damage
Spews eggs randomly in the air 60 on touch with Dynidon, 40 on impact from egg, 40 on touch with a Slime from egg
Smashes the areas to the left and right of him with his head 120


Dynidon is also the boss of "Exploring a Hole", the third Unepic multiplayer map.

Prior to the patch ???, it requires the Key of the Mine, dropped by Halkantarus in "The search for the magic" which is the previous Unepic Multiplayer map.

Dynidon, in multiplayer, has the same attacks as the one in the Single Player mode except that there are 2 mini versions of himself also smashing the area with their head but they don't spawn eggs.


Single PlayerEdit

One effective way to kill him is to stay near the center of the room while he is underground; waiting for him to surface. Once Dynidon starts to rise, move to one side of where he is emerging. When he has started his attack where he smashes his head on the ground to either side of him, you may take refuge from his smashes either under the arch of his body mid smash or outside of his range. Pick one side of him to attack him on, and at each moment after a head smash attack where his head is stationary on the ground on your side, step in and attack with your melee weapon/aim and shoot him with your bow/cast magic at him. In this manner you should be able to avoid all major strikes by Dynidon and take him out with ease; provided you get your timing right.

As for his attack where he spews eggs with slugs in them into the air, try to avoid them as they fall, and then take out the nearby slugs as you need to.  Let Dynidon take care of the rest with his head smash attack.

Note that the Slimes, when killed, have a chance of dropping health for you. However, Dynidon, being the lowest level boss, is quite forgiving in the amount of damage it inflicts and you need not be too afraid to experiment and try other tactics you think up, or to make mistakes and get hit.

That's something to look forward to worrying about with later bosses...


The strategy to use is the same as the one used in the Single Player mode except that you have to kill the 2 mini versions first as they won't respawn.

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