The second guardian of the game. Drakonius is the guardian of the sewers but he is outside of the castle, in a volcano.

He drops 300 coins and the key of the gardens (this also gives you the achievement "THE KEY OF THE GARDENS").



Attack Damage
Shoots firebolts. It deals 16 damage and burns you dealing 9 additional damage (decreasing by one every 2-3 ticks)

Goes out from the screen and rushes at you from right to left

It deals 200 damage and knocks you back.


His weakness is the frost. If you completed the quests to get the frost spell / wands or / and the frost pet, it will make the fight even easier than it is already.

If you don't have any frost attacks, just target it with you bow and shoot.

His attacks knock you back so pay attention to not falling. To avoid his fireballs, just hide under the left platform as they will explode on it.

When he is going out of the screen, jump on the upper platforms and when he is rushing at you, just drop down. It's easier to drop down than going up.

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