Daggers are sharp melee weapons that have lower base damage than a sword or a mace of the same level but have a special back-stab mechanic that when used right, makes them ultimately deal more damage than any other weapon would do. When attacking humanoid enemies and snakes from behind, daggers deal 150% of the damage they would have done otherwise to that enemy and also have increased critical chance. Daggers deal full damage to squishy and humanoid enemies but deal significantly reduced damage against skeletons, armors, helmets and other heavily armored enemies, even less than a sword.

Daggers are best used to quickly dispatch several humanoid patrolling enemies from behind. One will need to use ladders and platforms to hide at right time and then attack when the enemy is not looking. Against enemies that cannot be backstabbed or when stealth fails daggers still fair well if one can get the foe stun-locked.

List of Daggers

Name Icon Damage Level Required Shops Price

Light Dagger

29 1
Broad Dagger
Unepic Broad Dagger
65 3 Mine Shop 45g
Unepic Poiniard
95  5 Sewer Shop 63g
Broad Knife
Unepic Broad Knife
125  7 Garden Shop 81g
Penetrating Dagger
Unepic Penetrating Dagger
160 9 Library Shop 99g
Waved Dagger
Unepic Waved Dagger
195  11 Catacombs Shop 123g
Silver Dagger
Unepic Silver Dagger
235  13 Laboratory Shop 147g
Curved Dagger 275 15 Halls Shop 171g
Hardened Dagger 320 17 Tower Shop 199g
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