Corvax, the MageEdit

This the final (mini) boss of the game in the last stage: the Elven Village.

Unepic Corvax

Corvax, the Mage

It's one of the easiest boss of Unepic and he doesn't have a lot of HP.

Beat him and you will access the final room leading to the end of the game.


Attack Damage
Shoots Arcane bolts It deals ??? damage and stuns you.


He teleports himself very often to make the player going crazy.


He can chain stun you with his arcane bolts.

If you're using a melee weapon, use a arcane immunity scroll and hit him with you best weapon. He will die with a few hits (assuming you are dealing some damage at the end of the game).

If you're using a range weapon or spells, you can protect yourself from his arcane bolts by casting ice blocks (Frost level 9), casting Reflect Projectiles (Protection level 14), getting some skeletons with Arcane control (Arcane at least level 1) to serve as a shield, or using some arcane immunity scrolls.

If your bow is of a high enough level, a few hits will be sufficient to take him down. The lower-left platform is an excellent sniping point from which you can make short work of him.

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