Axes are medium speed medium damage sharp and dull weapons. They are swung in an arc, similar to maces. They deal more damage than a mace or a sword of the same level and are effective against all enemies but are swung noticeably slower than any other weapon. Axes deal full damage to majority of enemies, with only a few exceptions, such as slimes, to which they deal slightly reduced damage, which is offset by their higher base damage. Also axes do not deal extra damage against skeletons as maces do.

The main advantage of axes is the fact that no enemy is specially resistant to them and as such they are best fit to characters that want a weapon for every job but do not want to invest into two different types of weapons, such as magic oriented characters. However with the addition of staves, the fact that axes do not deal extra damage to skeletons and that all coupled with the speed nerf, axes became mediocre and obsolete. Magic oriented characters would do best to invest into staves and handle the few enemies that are resistant to blunt damage with magic.

Name Damage Level Required Shops Price
Axe 0 1
Hand Axe 90 3 Mine Shop 66g
Assault Axe 135 5 Sewer Shop 88g
Double Axe 180 7 Garden Shop 111g
Boning 230 9 Library Shop 133g
Combat Axe 270 11 Catacombs Shop 156g
Battle Axe 315 13 Laboratory Shop 178g
War Axe 360 15 Halls Shop 201g
Double War Axe 405 17 Tower Shop 223g
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